Florida Weather

Being so close to the ocean, Florida has a tempered climate with average temperatures of 32+ C during the summer. The Florida weather can be divided into two major periods: one warm and humide including the spring and the summer and one cold and arid including the autumn and the winter.

Considering the highest temperature (43 C) from June 1931, the lowest temperature (−19 C) from February 1899, we can tell that Florida is not the state of exess. But this is untrue cause Florida has many records concerning the climateric events among which we remind: the highest average of precipitation in the entire United State area, the most frequent thunderstorms, the several hurricanes which cause a lot of damages, the quich passage from sun to rain (or even storm) and to sun again. Florida is indeed the Sunshine state but it is also the Lightning State, because of the frequence of the electrical fenomena.

So don’t forget your umbrella when you go to Florida, but pack only light clothes cause the cold atmospheric fronts are very rare there, even during winter. As for the snow, people in Florida have rarely experienced that, so if you like ski you will have to choose another destination.

You should keep in mind the fact that from June to November it is the hurricane season and that Florida has suffered the consequences of 114 hurricanes, most of them occurring from August to October, so you may want to plan you Florida vacation in some other period.

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